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Lapidarium of Wronki


Description of the Project »Lapidarium of Jewish Gravestones in Wronki, Poland«

In 1940(?) the two Jewish cemeteries of Wronki were destroyed by the Nazis. The gravestones were transported to Nowa Wieś (outside Wronki), they were cut into equal parts and misused as kerbstone on the Szkolna street.

In 2011 about 500 gravestone fragments were rediscovered and stored on private ground in Nowa Wieś (see photos below). This is so far the biggest number of rediscovered Jewish gravstones in Poland.

In 2012 the city and community of Wronki declared that it is determined to take appropriate action to build a lapidarium, especially convey communal land, coordinate tasks, engage in the construction process to the extent reasonably possible, handle official documentation and take care of the lapidarium in the future.

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Photos Concerning the Planned Lapidarium of Jewish Gravestones in Wronki, Poland

At present the gravestone fragments are stored on private ground.

The site where one of the two destroyed Jewish cemeteries was situated:

Neighboring to the site of the first Jewish Cemetery the City and Community of Wronki plans to build the lapidarium on its own ground next to the public cemetery.

To the left: the former Jewish Cemetery in Wronki-Zamość

The site where the other of the two destroyed Jewish cemeteries was situated.
The foundation blocks of graves are still there covered by grass.

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